A Step Away From Everything

Holistically thinking, we happen to be in a business that connects two sets of people who are wide away; by means, by attitude and by their needs. One; with people who are privileged and quite affluent - and who need services, a variety of them, to augment their level of comfort and convenience. The other; with those, who are insecure and deprived - and who seek the services for a living. Quite intriguingly, we have found ourselves in a business that is about meeting a twin but vastly divergent set of needs; the wishful and the dire needs. Routing our purpose in the larger social objective we have chosen to focus on meeting the dire needs of the vast set of people; of as many as we can, as best as we can. And, as a means to accomplish that objective progressively, we develop and aggressively sell a range of services that fulfill the ‘aspirational and wishful needs’ of the affluent.

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